International Mother’s Day

In our life, the most important and the endearing name to everyone is Mother. Mother is the sole person who can sacrifice and love their children at the fullest, from the bottom of their heart. They performed all their tasks for us, for their family without any complain or without any expectation. That is why the mother is compared with the God. And now to thank and giving honor all the services which she has done for ourselves, we celebrate the International Mother’s day. The Mothers day is originally originated in the land of ancient Greece when Rhea was honored by the Greek people as the Mother of Gods. And in the year around 1600, the people of England started to celebrate the same occasion on behalf of Mother Mary. On the progression of time, it will get a broader aspect to celebrate it even in the broad manner.

We have different stories regarding the origin of the Mother’s day. The most heard one is, the society of the England’s Hierarchy was partly divided into two parts, the one is the upper class and the other one is the servant class who used to live with the Wealthy class masters. But on the very day they usually get a leave to meet and wish their mother on the auspicious day. They often carried mothering cakes also with them. But after the landing of the colonists the practice was discontinued. But after the revolutionary effort of the Julia Ward Howe, who was a social activist by profession, re starts the tradition under the name of “Mother’s Friendship Day”. And this revolt was continued by the Anna Jervis who is eventually the daughter of Anna Jarvis who had done to gratify the event in all possible manners. After so many efforts after all the, president give the consent in the year May 9, 1914 to honor or celebrate the mother’s day in honor.

There are many a ways to celebrate the divine day in different manner, but the purpose was always the same. In different countries the day is celebrated in different manner. In 1934, the post office celebrated the day with launching a special Whistler’s Mother”, bearing the meaning “Arrangement in Grey and Black”. But now days the mother’s day is celebrated in different manner and in different day. And in the age of commercialization the occasion is being carried into come commercial ways. People took their mothers to the restaurants to offer the rich and delicious foods and give them precious gifts and also the thing which fills your heart with joy. But the intention is pure always. In that particular day our mom can feel their presence in some special way.

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