Barry Richardson Rules!

My good friend Barry Richardson has posted some interesting stuff on his blog lately. A recent post of his (see concerns getting the files off of a broken 1TB LG USB removable HDD, the USB connector at the hard drive end has broken off. The hard drive produces a clicking/ticking noise when turned on. This happens no matter how many times I reset it. It’s a Buffalo branded external hard drive.

Whilst on the subject, my daughter is taking A-Level exams and has kept her work on a USB computer disk. She has plugged it into her Mac tonight and the system is saying that there is an error. (She did not back her work up! aggghh). We have tried various fixes but none seem to work. The work that is on the USB needs to handed in by Tuesday afternoon at the latest. I know it is a big ask but is it possible to recover the work at such short notice? If so, I would be able to drop the USB of at Geldard Road, Leeds when you open at 8am for possible recovery?

My hard drive no longer mounts on both Mac and Window platforms. The cable is relatively new and I tried the different USB ports available to me. It did mount temporarily a few days ago on my windows 10 tablet but its connection sporadically cut out by itself. Now it no longer mounts. It is still receiving power once connected as I can hear and feel the drive whirring.

Barry dealt with all these 3 problems and got the files back from all of them. Take a look at his web site if you want more info.

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