Pheromone Dating Plan

Remember, you can meet people everywhere! Just be wary of that little voice that will give you every excuse in the book to not do it. Once you jump in, this will become fun and easy and you will attract more women then you will know what to do with. Homework: Choose your top 3 places to meet women and start meeting them at those places this week. How To Track Your Pheromone Results If you don’t measure your success and progress, you wont ever know what you need to improve on. Dating incorporates statistics and measures in the same way that sports do. If you play golf and you notice you hit 90% of the fairways but only 10% of the greens in regulation, you know that you need to work on your approach shots to the green. If you go out every night and get four numbers and only get one date per month, you know you need to work on your follow-up plan. Learn more at and

Here is a list of questions you should answer after every interaction so you can track your progress. 1. Her name and where you met her for sex pheromones. This is the one of the best investments you can make for yourself. Not only will help you with women, it will also help you in business. Another option if you can’t afford an image consultant is ask a girl to take you shopping and to help you out. If this girl is not a professional, keep in mind that she may have different taste than the girls you are interested in dating. So try to pick a girl who has the look and style of someone you would like to date. Above all, I still highly recommend hiring an image consultant. Another resource is to make an appointment for a free personal shopper at Nordstrom. They can help you put together a wardrobe in an afternoon. If you have created an exciting “game,” are you willing to get straight feedback about your image so you can triple your results almost overnight? You are going to need the help of people who will give you straight and honest feedback. For example, if you come to one of our workshops and ask for advice on your image, we will tell you that you smell if you have body odor. Don’t take it personally; we are doing it to help. We also do image consulting in our workshops and are available for this type of work during private sessions. We want to warn you that your friends who dress like you will not be the best people to give you feedback on why pheromones work. We can’t stress enough how important it is that your image reflects the amount of abundance you want to be in rather than where you are currently. You’ll be amazed how people start responding to you and treating you when you upgrade your style. Some guys have a little bit easier of a time because their looks can get them in the door, but without anything going on inside, they will not succeed with women any easier than a fat, ugly, bald, homeless man. Learn more at

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