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My Evening With Pheromones

She invited me over around 12 AM, we had a bottle of pheromones in her garden while I was playing with her clit. She told me « Shall we go inside ? » I said « Sure ». I hadn’t brought any condom so I was expecting some nice oral play and nothing else. It went fine except at some point I felt a strange outgrowth around her bottom and indeed when I managed to turn her over, that was the biggest case of hemhorroids I had ever witnessed in my life ! I kept a rock solid erection nonetheless and for that I’m still patting myself on the shoulder, hahah ! Learn more at and

After maybe 30 minutes of alternating positions, I was kind of wondering when she was going to swallow my load (please read my previous post, that’s how she got me in the first place, teasing me how she loves it!), as anytime I was getting too close to the edge and telling her so (just being a gentleman, really) she would stop and let the pressure go down a notch pheromone user. Suddenly she told me « I want you so much inside of me ! » Me thinking ‘well fucking her raw is a no go’, I didn’t bother to answer and kept finger-fucking her. Some time later, she said again « I want you so much inside of me ! », so this time I said « Me too, too bad I don’t have a condom ! » She said, « I do ! ». So, fully equipped we proceeded to fuck missionary-style and at some point I said « Can I come on your belly? » hoping she’d say « No, in my mouth ! », but hey she said « Even on my tits, if you’d like to use my pheromones! » Those are the things that I want to focus on and go back and replay in your mind if you have field reports and this weekend also … I don’t want you to think so much about the interruptions in the field… you might just go out and do whatever it is you do and then look back on things and say … Remember the key is where did this go wrong… where was it going right and started going wrong…. t hat’s going to tip you off with natural pheromones. There was a kind of regional meeting for co-workers, I met this gorgeous 24 y.o latina with a GOLDEN skin, I was sitting right behind her, and she was showing a lot of legs because the room was hot, I swear I wanted to go down on her right there with true pheromones ! I tried to isolate her, which in a « business » conference is kind of tricky, but I said « I’m taking a break from this conference, anybody wants to follow me ? » I said that focusing eyes and mind on her only, and it worked, she said yes and the others around didn’t move. As we were crossing a room-full of people I was aware of the eyes on us, and I was laughing to myself « Yep, sorry guys, the hottie is going out with me regarding pheromone usage ! » Learn more at

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