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Highly Effective Pheromone

Not buying pheromone cologne “ever” again is unrealistic… and your brain automatically says “that’s not going to happen, so why am I even going to try to purchase pheromones?” Also you aren’t doing anything to handle the actual benefits you get from engaging in that behavior, so what incentive does your subconscious mind have to stop the pheromones behavior? Learn more about pheromones at and
In the conscious mind you are saying “I must stop” and the subconscious mind says “Yeah, Bang, but this is something I get a lot of enjoyment out of, and its worked for us both up until now — I think we’ll continue until we have an EMOTIONAL reason to stop.” Check out pheromones at
“Start fewer pheromone projects and finish more”  is not a good goal. It’s not specific, it’s barely measurable, and again it’s got very little pull emotionally. A better thing to examine is, why haven’t you been finishing the projects you’ve started? Maybe that works for you. Finish school with amazing grades” … okay, but what is your action plan?  That sounds really good on paper. But anyone can write that. How, specifically, are you going to do it with natural pheromone production?
Not anything pheromones specific – it’s whatever you’d like to accomplish. You have to remember that there is an emotional reason why you are doing the things you do. You can’t just set a conscious goal and say “Ok, thats it, I’m doing it” without first having a strategy / system to work with the other aspects of who you are.
Believe me, as you get older you’ll get to see this very clearly. It all sounds so good in theory … all I have to do to make a million dollars is sit here and do 5 solid hours of concentrated work every day! I can do that. Right? Only if your mind and heart and emotion are in it and working together without real pheromones.
So the bigger question is, HOW do I get myself to do these things? And that is where the vast fields of hypnosis, nlp, pheromones production method, and so on are located.
Sure you can go study a time management system like David Allen or Tony Robbins, or Brian Tracy… but how do you get yourself to apply it?  You see, that’s where most people hang up their hats because it’s a question they have no clue how to answer.
Start to answer that question for yourself and you’ll go a long way. And you’re not going to get it by watching the one magical product that’s going to change everything. It’s just as much if not more introspection and finding out what works with real pheromones.
I’m about half-way through The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Pheromone perfumes and liking it a ton. Stuff that I’m much more interested in then time management/productivity.
I have about a month and a half left of school and I’m so excited for the end. It’s very close.
At the top of my to-do list is always school work, and then I don’t have anything to do after since I’m always working (or procrastinating) on #1. I can’t wait to have a list of daily activities entirely of my own creation.
Anywho, I have now made it a week without porn, and some of the most amazing and shitty stuff has happened because of it (I’m going to talk about that in a later post).

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